Get Noticed! Facebook Ad Design Unleashed

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Learn how to easily create compelling Facebook ad images even when you're not a designer!

You already know Facebook ads are great.

You know why you need to use them.

But how to you actually design them effectively?

That’s what I’m here to teach you!

After this ebook, you’ll be able to design beautiful ads that are not only pretty, but pass Facebook’s tough ad requirements too!

You’ll learn:

• Facebook ad specifics (sizes, requirements etc)

• 20% text rule and what it means

• Where to get stock photos

• The best fonts to choose

• Grids and how to use them

• The best ways to add text to photo

• The top 5 layouts that work with the 20% text rule

• The exact steps I use to create Facebook Ads

• A super easy way to extend your photos to fit Ad dimensions in Photoshop

Plus, you get:

• Grid Overlays

• 4 Photoshop templates to get you started

• 7 tutorial videos (To learn how to use grid overlays, Photoshop templates and Picmonkey)

• Some beautiful examples of what your ads could look like!

Tutorial Videos Include

• 2 easy ways to make your images fit the Facebook ad dimensions
• A walk through the Photoshop templates - learn how to use and customize them
• 2 Design Examples started from scratch
• How to add the grid to PicMonkey
• Examples of Past Facebook Ads and how I created them

You'll be a Pro in no time!

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Get Noticed! Facebook Ad Design Unleashed

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